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Mid Sussex Wellbeing Service.


Paul Turner, Community Services Manager, provided an update to Members on the activities and achievements of the Mid Sussex Wellbeing Service within the last financial year. The report reflects on the successes and challenges of the Wellbeing Service during 2019/20 and sets out the proposed approach for the delivery of services in Mid Sussex in 2020/21, including plans for service adaptations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Councillor Webster, Cabinet Member for Community, highlighted the work that the Wellbeing department carries out with its customers and indeed other departments within the Council. He asked Councillors look at the report with a critical eye to ensure that the Council is meeting the public health objectives and delivering a service that has value.


A Member agreed that Wellbeing is a valued service and that General Practices (GPs) appreciate the offered service. She noted that it only offers a service to adults and questioned whether the service could be offered to the younger residents of Mid Sussex.


The Community Services Manager confirmed that the service is adults only currently as it is commissioned by Public Health England to meet certain objectives however it does not include services to those under the age of 18. Where possible, however, officers do try and focus on family and the bigger picture and add those values and sign-post to other organisations.


A Member felt impressed by the number of calls officers received relating to the fall prevention service. He also noted the weight management sessions taking place at Haywards Heath Town Football club and enquired whether it was under the remit of the team to utilise the Council’s leisure centres.


The Community Services Manager confirmed that the falls prevention service is commissioned by Active House Solutions in partnership with Place Leisure with a session being delivered in a leisure centre. In terms of the weight management for men, Place Leisure was involved in the session which was found to be positive and confirmed that further pilot sessions were planned.


A Member highlighted that the Burgess Hill Town Council (BHTC) HelpPoint gave a positive response to the service. She referenced P.90 of the report and queried the percentage of uptake of the service given the transition to virtual delivery of the sessions.


The Community Services Manager explained that transition to the virtual delivery of the service was initially thought to be prone to issues however those who use the service, especially the older generation seemed to be up-to-speed with the delivery. He confirmed that the team has worked with Environmental Health to develop PPE to try and get back out to the public to carry out preferred face-to-face interactions.


A Member appreciated the work that the officers had carried out. She referenced P.90 of the report and questioned how the Council anticipates demand for the service in light of the changing Covid-19 Pandemic. She felt that it would be prudent to anticipate those who have suffered from Covid-19 and the prolonged effects it has on some of those who catch the virus which may require help from public health services.


The Community Services Manager noted that staff are highly trained and can use their skills to work on behaviour change such as addressing dietary issues or anxiousness. He added that Public Health England recognise the need to work with groups who will be affected and highlighted the need to work more with care homes and schools to support them.


The Chairman then took Members to the recommendation note the performance of the Wellbeing Service in 2019/20 and consider and endorse the proposed approach for the continued delivery of the Wellbeing Service for 2020/21 which was approved unanimously.





The Committee:


            i.        Noted the performance of the Wellbeing Service in 2019/20.

           ii.        Considered and endorsed the proposed approach for the continued delivery of the Wellbeing Service for 2020/21.



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