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Mid Sussex Partnership Annual Report


Neal Barton, Policy, Performance and Partnerships Manager, introduced the report which informed Members of the progress of work by the Mid Sussex Partnership (MSP), an overarching partnership of organisations working to improve the quality of residents’ lives across the District. The Partnership assessed the levels of crime in the District and found that it rose 2.2% in 2018/19; however the figure was the lowest in West Sussex. He highlighted the Partnership’s work carried out with schools to prevent anti-social behaviour in addition to the improvement and enhancement of the District’s CCTV network.


A Member enquired whether the board could look at the issue of the environment and climate change.


Kate Wilson, Business Unit Leader for Community Services, Policy & Performance, explained that previous iterations of the partnership had a sustainability sub-group within it so a task and finish group could also be stood up in the future. She reminded Members that the task & finish groups were designed to address specific issues where a partnership approach could provide better outcomes for residents.


A Member referenced Paragraph 17, P.11 of the report and requested further information on the consultation of the location of the CCTV cameras that took place as well as the criteria that was included.


The Business Unit Leader for Community Services, Policy & Performance outlined the consultation that had taken place.


A Member stressed the need for CCTV in the smaller villages. He also expressed delight to hear that the Mid Sussex Play Days will be carried out in the villages for the first year.


The Cabinet Member for Community mentioned that he was looking forward to the Mid Sussex Play Days.


A Member referenced Paragraph 20, P.12 of the report and sought clarification on how a person would find out where the Safe Place areas are.


The Business Unit Leader for Community Services, Policy & Performance explained that the Safe Place pilot includes 10 venues across East Grinstead such as the town council offices, a fire station and Chequer Mead all of which have visuals making it clear that people can enter there.  There is also a mobile app that supports this scheme.


The Ward Member for Ashplants, East Grinstead added that the public can register for a small card to carry in a wallet or purse which has a map that can assist with direction to a Safe Place. She highlighted the recent savings that are required to take place at West Sussex County Council and the references to their possible implications in the report.


The Business Unit Leader for Community Services, Policy & Performance clarified that the Council is in dialogue with officers at the County Council through various forums and understand the challenges that they are encountering. She added that the Council does not yet have the detail of the changes that are yet to come however feels that the Council is in a good position to respond and react to any possible changes.


A Member highlighted the work of the Early Intervention Officer and found it an example of the MSP working effectively.


The Chairman took Members to the recommendation which was agreed unanimously.





The Scrutiny Committee considered the Mid Sussex Partnership’s progress in 2018/19 and endorsed the proposed approach to its future development.


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