Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Budget Management 2020/21 - Half Year Progress Report.14/10/2020For Determination23/11/2020
Governance Review.14/10/2020For Determination27/01/2021
Council Size Submission to LGBCE.14/10/2020For Determination27/01/2021
Budget Management 2020/21 - Progress Report April to December 2020.14/10/2020For Determination08/02/2021
Draft Corporate Plan and Budget 2021/22.14/10/2020For Determination08/02/2021
Performance Monitoring for the Second Quarter 2020-21.15/09/2020For Determination23/11/2020
Council Tax Base 2021-22.15/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Programme of Meetings 2021-22.15/09/2020For Determination27/01/2021
Independent Remuneration Panel Report on Members Allowances.15/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Parking Strategy.15/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Mid Sussex Design Guide - Adoption of the Guide as an SPD.15/09/2020For Determination04/11/2020
Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders.15/09/2020For Determination04/11/2020
Transfer of Public Land at Hurst Farm.15/09/2020For Determination23/11/2020