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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Public Speaking at Planning and District Planning Committees: Those wishing to speak, including Ward Members, need to register with Democratic Services between 10am and 1pm three working days prior to the meeting. Following registration, any members of the public with a right to speak will be briefed on how they make their contribution. Speakers must send a copy of their proposed remarks via email to: by 1pm on the day prior to the meeting.


If a speaker joins the meeting electronically, when invited to do so by the Chairman, they may speak to make their statement orally to the committee. If the speaker chooses not to join the remote meeting, or is unable to do so, their statement may be read out to the meeting by the Chairman, an appointed Ward Member or any non-planning officer present. Alternatively, a suitable pre-recorded video of exactly the same written statement may be submitted online for visual presentation to the Committee. For the avoidance of doubt the pre-recorded video must be a statement only and must not include plans, maps or images.



Contact information

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